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sandy hours away from hitting land and it will hit the middle of new jersey, around atlantic city at a time when this storm has already been causing havoc among the most populated regions of the country, stepping back from this, this is an area that affected one out of five living americans and if you citizen the reach beyond those directly impacted to those who could be in the days and weeks appear you are talking about one in four members. so, a cobs station with a population that obviously doesn't need any further explanation. we should also let you know they are shutting this island of manhattan down. already the brooklyn battery and holland tunnel and to and from the lower part of manhattan are shut down and the north most bridge on the island is shut down. but the mayor has made it clear if the wins pick up he would shut down virtually all remaining arteries connecting this city to the rest of the world. so, america's premiere city would be blocked down not seen since 9/11. and the crane has been getting a good deal of attention and this is outside a building known as 157, a
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of the east coast. that number could climb. new york city's entire subway system is knocked out. it could stay that way for up for five days. across new jersey, the governor christie says four shore times are devastated. >> houses are moved off of the foundation, houses are in the middle of route 35. the amusement pier at seaside park half washed out. the roller coaster is now in the ocean. the level of devastation is unthinkable. >>neil: unthinkable and for now irreparable and it is not over yet. rick? rick: the damage to point pleasant beach are stunning and sad. this town was not the worst hit by far. the boardwalk in some sections is completely destroyed and this ocean front hotel, the white sands half a million in damages. the deck is torn up. the restaurant is trashed. fences have come down. believe it or not, this is the swimming pool. it is filled with sand that came off the beach that made up the dunes they thought protected the homes, wiped out and pushed this way. you can see more damages here. the sand in the street is on ocean avenue and if you look down along the coast, you will
phone it is one out of 50 attempts. i tried to get back to my wife and i have been in the city all week and she is in new jersey and one out of 50 calls went law by the time i got through the kids had tied her up to the table demanding all the candy from halloween that has been canceled. i think we have teddy back. i see you didn't pay your bill. what happens now? we get beyond this but it is not as if it is getting rackbly better. what do you see happening tomorrow and friday? >>guest: well, clearly, we have the election next week and that will be a huge game changer depending on how that plays out and then the focus is going to be this fiscal cliff and the political circus in washington and they will hang everyone out to try i am sure no matter who selected to the very last minute and it is unbelievable that here we are, a couple years later and we are finding ourselves in the same political position and everyone is on pins and needles but the bottom line for the market, the market can thought deal with all of this uncertainty and i think it is going to be a negative as you work towar
in one city, one state, why wouldn't it work nationally? >>guest: because the california gasoline market is totally unique from the rest of the united states. in fact, i am not sure that the action will make much of a difference because october 31 was the date when the refiners were going to be switching to the winter blend and most of them already were producing that winter blend in anticipation of that october 31st day. i don't really see the governor's action doing much. >> is the winter blend cheaper? >>guest: it is. there are unique requirements in order to keep the pollution level down. the summer blend is needed to achieve better air quality. >> why not go with the cheaper blend now? >>guest: that is what california is doing. >> why not nationally? why not just do it? i got a good one, why not lift the blending requirement completely? >>guest: because if you did lit that blinding requirement you would only achieve a 3 cent a gallon savings. you have --. >> not according to jerry brown, he said it --. >>guest: i already said that, nationally, eric, suspending the air quality standa
you funnel water into new york city and push the storm surge in. the normal hurricane like irene comes along the coast and heads for long island and we get flooding along the coast but this is piling water back in. there is a storm, a fictional storm for new york city that comes from the southeast, drives the storm surge through long island sound in the city and from the narrows. what is amazing, this has the chance to do that and that puts the battery underwater and we could have subways flooded and everything else back in here. >>neil: we are coming up on election day. could we see power outages, still, on election day? >>guest: i am taking credit for starting that a couple days ago with a tweet. a friend said what about the election, and i said, y right, we can have power outages, we will, until that time. >>neil: a broad area? >>guest: from washington, dc, all the way up to boston. like rick said, this will have a wide swath of wind but what will distinguish this storm coming from the southeast will be the amazing storm surge in some places that have not seen this, the northern jer
is mother bloomburg is called in new york city, mother bloomburg. >>neil: i have heard "mother" but there are other words attach to that. >>judge napolitano: because his efforts it regulate private behavior. the government gets all of its powers from the consent of the governed. we have never could be scented to allow any government to tell us what to eat in our homes. for the department of agriculture to take their authority to regulate the movement of food and interstate commerce and claim that it somehow has the authority to regulate food on our tables, that is unconstitutional. it is unfair. it is unlawful. it is against the laws of nature. it is accruing for itself power we never gave. >>neil: i will put you down as "not liking" this. >>judge napolitano: mildly. >>neil: i could make a point, a stretch of a point, to say in schools, maybe. but now you are in my home. >>judge napolitano: the government with like to get in our homes. petroleum did not go help to government unless you are ron paul to shrink it but to use the power to regulate human behavior. some believe they
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like city corps but by freddie mac and 19 -- and fannie mae. >>neil: they were last out of everything. >>guest: outraged everyone. >>neil: and going back to how it affects business, you talk about which candidates will assess the regulations of the tax code and assess its relevance. the argument now is way too much complexity and too complicated for the health care. what do you say? >>guest: yes, all these excess regulations have built in costs, fear of providing credit to clients that might be on the borderline. you want banks to take some risk but intelligent risk. right now we have a period of great fear by business operators. our credit expansion has been very subdued and hence our small businesses in america have not gotten the credit flows that are required to get --. >>neil: do you see that changing, charles with more lending going on and more businesses getting loans, and consumers as well, or is it glacier? >>guest: it is happening. maybe with a change in the attitude toward business, the fear factor will go away and more confidence will come back into our marketplace. >>neil
of uncertainty, they are not hiring. this is a sample of 1,500 business people in 17 different cities we have traveled to. i don't buy that jobs report. joe buy that number reported today because at one point they say that a state was left out, and they come back and say the state was put in. it doesn't add up. it doesn't agree. >>neil: what do you make of it? congressman issa is questioning the reliability of the numbers. what do you think? >>guest: it should be investigated. the public has a right to know how they calculated it, how they changed the process from one point to odd. walter williams, a noted economist, he questioned it, and he has raised the issue that they changed the method obligation to give them the better result. that is what i believe is happening. a lot of people will be gullible enough to believe it but i have talked to 1,500 business owner myself and they don't believe it. they are not hiring, because of uncertainty they don't plan to hire until --. >>neil: so when romney says he will not quibble with the accuracy of the report, but he will not quibble with it, what do
:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: there are important new developments on the libya 9/11 attack, including a report that the terror leader responsible for the attack has been identified, malicious loyal to libyan government has not been ordered to arrest him. now we'll get to that in a momentment first, the obama campaign may be hitting the
, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama hasn't had time for a press conference to explain what happened in libya, but he did find time to sit down with jon stewart to talk about the attack. >> i would say even you would admit it was not the optimal response to the american people as far as us being on the same page. >> here is what i'll
. the same time. gentleman, ladies, start your engines. and now to new york city with a review of what is at stake and the timing. clay done? >>clayton: well, outside the microsoft event from early today, and, boy, it was two different events. you can hear some of the guys screeching away with their microsoft surface. windows 8 is a compelling operating system. the way you interact with it is going to shake things up in the pc market. this device i am holding which is the microsoft surface, and i will bring it back for you to play with is compelling it shifts with microsoft office. if other device does. so many rely on microsoft word and power point presentation and it shifts on this device. apple cannot say that. they do not have access to the high-end level productivity apps that microsoft does. >>neil: do you get a sense, it is a jump to say it is an ipad killer, right? ipad dominates in apple with all devices, this is an area that apple owns, isn't it? >>clayton: it is. they din the category. the term ipad is synonymous with tablets so when kids say they want a tablet they mean the
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)